Tuesday, October 28, 2014

it might be nice to let some things go

she invited us to participate in this ritual
write something down
and release it
into the fire pit.

i let go of those people around me
i don't ever want to talk that way again
i don't want to know people like that anymore

i let go of the person i have started to become
and me and my friends 
are just growing 
into the drunks and the liars 
that we've always hated.

i released it all
into the fire pit

Monday, October 13, 2014

autumnal searching (2014 edition)

the seasons have changed once again. i find myself in the same house i moved into ("temporarily") one year ago. i'm done with school and i'm trying to figure out what i'm doing with my life now. anything is possible which is exciting/overwhelming. for now, i'm a barista with a masters degree in search of a new adventure.