Monday, December 28, 2009

letter to an ex-lover

dear northampton,
it's been one year since i left you. just wanted to say hello and see how you've been. although it's hard to admit, i'm a lot happier without you. i have changed and i know you have too. i was so young when we first met and back then, you made a lot of sense to me. but this is a whole new era now. i met someone new and they're really amazing. even though it's nice to see you every now and then, to catch up, we both need to move on and embrace the future. i hope you have a fun new year's. i hope your ball successfully rises and that you're not too cold. i will be with my new love. i will be smiling, excited about what lies ahead for 2010.


Wednesday, December 09, 2009

i woke up this morning and then...(part 3)

i guess there's nothing inherently wrong with having one of those blogs where you talk about what you did all day, if what you're doing is interesting...

today i biked through a violent early morning rain storm to get to my job on time. in the dark. the sun will rise later every single day until next week's solstice. i was drenched by the time i made it to work. luckily i brought a dry set of clothes to wear...wait. this shit is getting boring now.

when i'm at work i think of all the things i want to do, all the projects i want to start. but lately, when i get home all i can think about is not being at work anymore. more on that to come...

today, however, i got home from work--socks still damp--and did interviews with 3 different folks who are interested in joining our aid & abet collective. we have 2 more tomorrow! phew.

i feel like things are brewing right now and the potential for 2010 is already starting to explode. i like it.