Friday, July 24, 2009

over the past month...

i have:

-gone on a loooong bike ride with lv...50 miles north to quakertown. then back the next day.

-surprised my sister by showing up to her open studio show at the school of visual arts in nyc. thank you $5 megab*s ticket!

-enjoyed another visit to philly by jen angel.

-taken advantage of my 2 days in a row off. most notably by squeezing in a trip to maine during part of my family's vacation week there. chinatown bus to nyc, then another to boston; followed by the train to old orchard beach. arrived 1:26 am monday, departed at 2:50 pm tuesday. totally worth it.

-continued to work, pay bills.

-celebrated lv's 30th birthday!

-read more than i had been: finally finished "passionate mistakes and intricate corruption of one girl in america" by michelle tea! currently: "where we stand: class matters" by bell hooks.

-volunteered a bunch at the wooden shoe. getting ready for the big move.

-and thought a lot about writing and work for aid & abet. finally getting around to doing it NOW!