Tuesday, March 11, 2008

the emerging spring (part 27)

the snow is finally starting to melt, the days are getting longer, and i am ready for change. this is when i thrive. i've been searching for the focus and motivation to balance all of the parts of my life, all of things that i want to be doing. this year is all about going for it and being more ambitious. i'm starting to get paid to book tours for aid & abet which just blows my mind. jen angel and i are working on workshop proposals for the allied media conference in detroit this summer. for the first time since i've lived in northampton i feel secure financially, putting away tax refunds in my savings account and cutting back one of my shifts at the cafe in order to focus on this tour for independent journalist mark engler's new book how to rule the world.

i had been thinking about going away for the summer but i'm leaning toward staying here and getting shit done. i also need to get new strings for my guitar so i can have that ever-so-important musical release at my finger tips once again. and hopefully conspire musically with some friends this spring/summer.

this past weekend was the first time in probably over a decade that i hung out with both of my siblings (outside of larger family gatherings). paul came to visit from new mexico for 4 days, but has decided to stay and escape a pretty unhealthy situation out there. i hope he can find something better for his life. i had breakfast with him saturday when he got off the bus from new hampshire. right before he left to meet with a friend in springfield for dinner sarah arrived from the cape. we all reunited later in the evening for dancing and pool at diva's. so great to see them both again.

for now, i look toward the emerging spring for inspiration. it's time to get serious and make it happen...