Tuesday, April 25, 2006

looking ahead

it's almost may and i can't stop thinking about the midwest. i'm planning on spending the month of june out there. visiting my friends in madison before heading up to sexy spring and then back through on the way towards the allied media conference. it's going to be a very exciting adventure. i just need to figure out how i'm getting out there and everything.

still waiting to hear back from the new standard. this could be a really amazing job if i get it. i'm a little nervous that it actually will work out. we'll see what happens...

Thursday, April 20, 2006

what these cryptic symbols mean

when the seasons change it's really important to have a new soundtrack to accompany the transformation. lately, i can't stop listening to the mountain goats' album we shall all be healed. it's the perfect music right now--in this particular moment in my life. and i know that when i listen to it again next winter i will taste springtime. i will return to this beautiful day, riding my bike through the woods with the sun warm on my skin. and i'll think of the people in my life right now. the ones that are keeping me inspired and alive. i love you all.

when the last days come
we shall see visions
more vivid than sunsets
brighter than stars

Monday, April 10, 2006

25 years

so much happening. i turned 25 years old this past friday. yes, the golden birthday...a quarter-century of living. crazy, huh? i'm feeling pretty good about it, like being comfortable with the skin i've grown into. i had a nice birthday here with friends. free ice cream sundaes and book readings and a bowling party, karaoke and birthday cake in the wee hours. and receiving sweet birthday messages from people that mean a lot to me was so special. from san francisco to argentina, new york, boston and vermont...i realized that i have a lot of good friend out there and it made me feel good.

the days are longer and we have begun to explore, to relcaim public space and push the limits. the roof of the parking garage was just a beginning. we are emerging from the frozen woodwork and are getting ready for revolution spring. be on your toes. it's happening...