Monday, December 31, 2007

year in p/review

so...2007 is just about over. what to say? hmmm....

*finished the passions and survival documentary with mark hillis
*finally quit my job at booklink
*organized a tour for ben dangl's book the price of fire
*went on said book tour for almost 2 months and over a dozen cities
*spent a month in new hampshire "house-sitting" for my mom
*started a booking cooperative with jen angel called aid and abet
*served as a broomsman at jo and dave's wedding
*returned to the midwest for the allied media conference
*stayed unemployed for half of the summer, which sucked
*started working at evolution at the end of july
*organized various fundraisers for valley free radio
*played in against me! cover band called against you!
*played in a misfits cover band called candy apples and razorblades
*wrote some stuff, danced a lot, made trouble, started a bank account

looking forward to the potential of a new year.
maybe i'll finally write that fucking book...

Thursday, December 06, 2007

library scandals

the public library doesn't open until 1:00 on thursdays. for those of us who don't have immediate internet access, can't afford dvd's at blockbuster video or the latest augusten burroughs memoir at barnes and noble we wait all morning to enter its doors. it meets our needs. or so we hope...

i arrived today at 1:07 to see that every single computer was occupied. i went upstairs to use the bathroom and when i opened the unlocked door i was greeted with a man crouched on the floor with his back turned to me, shouting "whoa!" from the 4 second interaction i deduced that he was shooting up, and apparently needed his fix so desperately that it slipped his mind to lock the fucking door. i left the library immediately, slightly trembling in horror of what i had just witnessed.

i now find myself at the smith college library on a computer that a student forgot to log out on. my gender causes me to stand out as a non-student but no one bothers to confront me. i've been here for two hours now, and it is time to go to work and endure the monthly poetry night at my dead-end cafe job. it's nice to write again....